Feb 16 – CDHM Ethics and Jurisprudence (E & J) Module is Live! (completion required by June 1st, 2021)


The CDHM recognizes that dental hygienists in Manitoba are often challenged by the number of rules and expectations that apply to the practice of dental hygiene in Manitoba. Additionally, we understand as a practitioner you also face ethical decision-making challenges which can create uncertainty. The (E & J) Module has been designed to assist dental hygienists in understanding and applying the rules and expectations of regulation and professional ethics. 

The CDHM E & J module is now available for online completion by signing onto your profile page from the CDHM website. As previously communicated, this module is an online open book learning module that provides education and information on the legal framework that governs dental hygiene practice in Manitoba. Dental hygienists are not asked to memorize the information but are expected to know where to find relevant information when needed and be able to apply this information to situations that arise in practice. It is the professional responsibility of the registered dental hygienist to understand the relevant sections of the Act, Regulations and other documents that guide dental hygiene practice in this province.

The E & J Module is a requirement for 2021 Registration and is to be completed by June 1st, 2021.

The Module is not eligible for CCP credits and after completion for 2021 registration, it is not an annual requirement for registration. The E & J Module is iterative and will be updated as needed; completion will be required every 3 years. New registrants to the province and new graduates will be required to successfully complete the Module prior to registration. 

Instructions for Accessing the Ethics & Jurisprudence Module

• Sign in to your CDHM profile page using Google Chrome or Fire Fox for optimal performance.
• Scroll to the bottom right-hand side of the page where you will see ‘My Modules’; click on the green plus + sign to begin.
• The Module is open book; you may find it helpful to be familiar with the format of the reference materials before beginning. (see reference links below)
• Reference links are also posted within the Module questions for your review.

The Dental Hygienists Act, Regulations and By-laws are found here https://cdhm.info/legislation/ 
The Code of Ethics, Interpretation Guidelines, Practice Standards and Competencies are found here https://cdhm.info/practice-resources/ 
The CCP Registrant Handbook is found here https://cdhm.info/continuing-competency/)
The CDHM Council ENDS Policies are found here https://cdhm.info/about/cdhm-council/ 

To complete the module successfully a score of 80% is required. You may take the module as many times as necessary to be successful. To retake the module, navigate back to your CDHM profile home page. If you have any questions about the Module contact the College office.

In health,

Arlynn Brodie MHS,RDH
Registrar, Executive Director