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Healthcare research is continually generated that improves the understanding of disease progression and treatment, patient care, technology, and the development of new clinical procedures, which accentuates the need for health professionals to remain current and engaged in their profession. Continuous life-long learning along with ongoing engagement in one’s profession are fundamental responsibilities of a professional.

The Continuing Competency Record (CCR) – requires using the best and most current evidence available to answer clinical questions and achieve practice goals related to improving patient outcomes. Examples of CCR activities include:

  • Reviewing research articles from peer-reviewed journals
  • Advanced formal education (e.g. Oral Anesthesia, Restorative Module, Orthodontic Module, Baccalaureate, Masters, PhD.)
  • Online learning through accredited professional providers.

The Professional Activity Record (PAR) – requires voluntary and active participation and contribution by a dental hygiene professional to one’s profession, one’s community, and society. A PAR may be:

  • Providing an oral health presentation to a community group (e.g., daycare, school, seniors)
  • Providing care for participants of Siloam Mission
  • Participation on a professional dental hygiene committee, including the MDHA/SDH Mentorship program
  • Participation at a professional AGM business meeting.




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