In accordance with The Dental Hygienists Act and Regulations, a registered dental hygienist is able to practice additional skills in Manitoba as long as they are registered on extended practice roster.

The CDHM recognizes Oral Anesthetic, Orthodontic or Restorative modules if taken as part of your dental hygiene education or if they are completed as a separate module.

The declaration is considered a legal document so a notarized copy of the certificate of completion from the course/module is required. Go to Registrant log-in and fill out the online declaration form. A new wall certificate will be issued upon the review and approval of the declaration and accompanying certificates.

In order to perform the ‘Included Practices’ described in section 2(2) (a) to (c) of the Act without supervision by a dentist, a registered dental hygienist must be on the Extended Practices Roster. In order to be eligible to be on the Extended Practices Roster, a registered dental hygienist must have practiced dental hygiene for not less than 3,000 hours.

Name Changes

A notarized copy from a Notary Public of the appropriate name change document, such as a marriage certificate or an official government issued credential, must be uploaded to your profile page for review/approval by the Board of Assessors.  A wall certificate will be issued with the new name upon approval. Again, these forms can be found by going to your Registrant log-in.