CDHM Council

The duties of the Council are to:

  • Provide governance and leadership to the College through administration of the Act, Regulations and By-Laws;
  • Exercise the rights, powers, and privileges of the College on behalf of the College;
  • Establish and monitor registration and continuing competency requirements;
  • Appoint and oversee the work of the committees established;
  • Establish and monitor Regulations, By-Laws, Standards of Practice and Competencies; and
  • Provide direction to the Registrar.

The 2019/2020 CDHM Council consists of:

Registered Dental Hygienists Lezah Evan
Johanna Grant
Saima Klippenstein
Corinne Latozke (Council Vice-Chair)
Jennifer Miller
Christine Ronceray

Public Representatives Lucie Boutet
Carol Hiscock (Council Chair)
Ernest Janzen
Kathleen Reid