Nov 26 – Dental Hygiene and Compliance with Public Health Orders

The College strongly encourages registrants to review and reflect on all related professional obligations to avoid expressing views not supported by evidence.

It is possible to encourage dialogue or suggest improvements to the current pandemic response without contributing to the distribution of scientifically unreliable or inaccurate information that is harmful to the public.

Reports of the distribution of scientifically unreliable or inaccurate information, or of a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) violating public health orders are made to the registrar, in accordance with the “Dental Hygienists Code of Ethics”. Reports of suspected misconduct may be subject to further investigation or steps to ensure Accountability.

Resources for RDH’s

Resources for the public

The information is adapted and used with permission from the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM). CDHM would like to acknowledge and thank the CRNM.