Mar 10 – ‘Registration’ for Immunizer Required by March 17, 2021

Shared Health has notified CDHM they are enacting the recent Order to include dental hygienists as COVID-19 immunizers. They are working to mobilize a broader workforce to increase access to the COVID-19 vaccines to all eligible Manitobans in the coming weeks.

Shared Health has asked us to remind registrants to ensure their regular contributions to practice and service delivery to patients will not be impacted by the additional role as an immunizer.

This roll-out requires CDHM to ‘register’ dental hygienists who are interested in becoming an immunizer. Shared Health has requested a very short turn around for submitting a list of dental hygienists who are interested in participating in the immunization program.

Important Details; read all information below:

Who is eligible to enroll as a vaccinator?

1. Practicing Dental Hygienists on the Oral Anaesthetic and Extended Practice Roster
2. Non-Practicing (NP) Dental Hygienists who have been registered with the CDHM on the Oral Anaesthetic and Extended Practice Roster (have been Non-Practicing less than 3 years from today’s date)

If I am a non-practicing dental hygienist, do I have any other requirements to sign up as a vaccinator? 

Yes, you require current HCP CPR certification and liability insurance (CDHA). (You will be required to   provide proof at time of immunizer ‘registration’ with CDHM)

As a Non-Practicing dental hygienist and an Immunizer, can I practice the skills within the RDH Scope of Practice while being an Immunizer?


Will I have to take an immunizer course if I am registered as a practicing or a non-practicing dental hygienist with the CDHM?

Yes, you will be required to complete the micro-credential online course at Red River College. The province and Shared Health will pay for this training. Once ‘registered’ with CDHM you will be contacted by Shared Health regarding your coursework. Do not sign up with Red River on your own.

How do I know where and when I will work?

Once you have ‘registered’ with CDHM your details will be passed on to Shared Health. They will be responsible for assigning shifts and scheduling. Remuneration and other benefits will be based on the compensation package offered to casual immunization employees.

How much will I be paid as an immunizer?

Listed under the Shared Health Immunization Classification document, dental hygienists will be paid $40.00 per hour.

If I provide immunization services, can I use the hours towards my practice hours for annual registration with the CDHM?


If I do not sign up now, will there be another opportunity for me to sign up as an immunizer at a later date?

Shared Health has said yes if there is still a demand for more immunizers in the coming months

In order to facilitate the process of ‘registration’ to immunize, you are required to provide the following information by email to or by telephone to the CDHM, by Wednesday March 17th, 2021 and your details will be forwarded to Shared Health.

1. First name & last name (on CDHM register)
2. Personal email address
3. Mailing address
4. Phone number
5. Date of Birth
6. Registration status; practicing or non-practicing
7. CDHM registration number
8. Emergency contact first & last name & phone number
9. Languages spoken
10. Which Regional Health Authority do you work in? (see link for list of health regions)
11. Do you work on Reserve or in a rural community?

If you have any questions about the immunizer ‘registration’ process, contact the College office.

In health,


Registrar, Executive Director CDHM