April 7 – CDHM Updates on Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control, and Personal Protective Equipment

Dear Registrants,

Knowing you have a plethora of COVID information available to you, my intent is not to fill up your inbox with information that is redundant, but with profession-specific information that will inform your practice as a dental hygienist. 

As dental hygienists, we are well educated in appropriate IPC and PPE. The current COVID pandemic, however, will require us to acquire new evidence-based knowledge from which to make decisions, based on best practice. For example, the mitigation of aerosols will be an area of important understanding.

The article here (Download) is authored by Dr. P Allison and has been circulated by Dr. James Taylor, Chief Dental Officer of Canada. And this (Download) is a publication from Manitoba Shared Health. 

The CDHM office staff are working remotely and available to respond to your calls or emails.

Arlynn Brodie
Registrar, ED