July 6 – Call for Council Nominations & Opening for Board of Assessor Position

  • See the 2020 Call for Council Nomination Notice here Download
  • See the 2020 Call for Council Nomination Form here Download
  • See the 2020 Board of Assessor Job Opportunity here Download

To CDHM Registrants, 

The CDHM Council is placing a Call for Nominations to all registrants to fill (2) upcoming positions on Council. Elections for these positions will take place at the Annual General Meeting in October. Please see the attached information sheet and application form for details on the application process. 

The College also has an opening for a Board of Assessor, information on this position is attached. For further information, please contact Arlynn Brodie, Registrar, at the College office.

Thank-you for your interest in serving the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba. 

Saima Klippenstein
Chair, Nominations Committee 

Arlynn Brodie
Registrar, Executive Director