April 17 – COVID-19 CDHM Update & Information

Good Afternoon

Most importantly, I hope that you and your families are staying safe and our new normal is becoming manageable. The following bulletins were issued today from Manitoba Shared Health (Download); the communication for Regulator Bodies (Download) reminds us that the Public Health Act ‘Order’, communicated by Dr. Roussin, stipulates that no dental procedures should currently be performed unless they are an emergency. You are encouraged to check the CDHM website for additional items for your review.

To assist you during these challenging times, many supportive documents are available on the CDHA website, including many evidence-based articles. I would also encourage you to contact CDHA for support related to employment matters and financial assistance during the pandemic.

These are exceptional times that are deeply impacting each of us both professionally and personally. Certainly, no one could have foreseen how quickly and dramatically our world has changed. As an organization tasked with a public protection mandate, it is more important than ever that we adapt to this new pandemic reality so we can continue to do what the public expects of us, as well as to support our registrants in their role as primary care providers.

A big thank-you to all of you who attended our inaugural MDHA/CDHM ‘Mix” last evening; over 300 registrants joined us for some thought-provoking discussion! We received some great responses to our questions and will be circulating a summary to all attendees.

In health,

Arlynn Brodie
CDHM Registrar, Executive Director